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Costumer satisfaction form

In order to improve quality management system implemented by our company in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 norm, please fill in the questionnaire and send it by e-mail (send button can be found at the end of the page).

  1. Which of below factors have decisive influence on your purchase decision?   2. How do you judge quality of our products?
ISO 9001 certificate Very high
Quality of products High
Quality of service Medium
Prices Low
Wide range of products Very low
Product information availability No opinion
Time of order completion    
The payment dates    
  3. How do you judge quality of our products in comparison with competitors products?   4. Time of our response to yours inquiry/order is:
Much higher Very good
Higher Good
The same Average
Lower Bad
Much lower Very bad
Don't know    
  5. Answers to your questions are:   6. How do you judge time of order completion in comparison with our competitors?
Exhaustive Much shorter
Rather exhaustive Shorter
Incomplete The same

Absolutely insufficient

No opinion Much longer
    No opinion
  7. Are you satisfied with sale service?   8. How do you judge prices of our product in comparison with other competitors prices?
Very satisfied Much lower
Satisfied Lower
Rather satisfied Similar
Not satisfied Higher
Definitely not satisfied Much higher
Don't know Hard to say
  9. Are you satisfied with service at potential complaint?    
Very satisfied    
Rather not satisfied    
Not satisfied    
Definitely not satisfied    
Don't know    
  10. Additional comments, observations, suggestions:    
  11. How have you find out about our company?    
automatyka.pl site
falowniki.com site
Drive and Control Trade Catalogue    
"Napędy i Sterowanie" monthly    
"Elektro Info" monthly    
www.twerd.pl site    
Panorama Firm/Polskie Książki Telefoniczne    
Regular customer    
From third party    
Date of filling in
Company name
Zakład Energoelektroniki "TWERD" Michał Twerd
ul. Aleksandrowska 28-30, 87-100 Toruń
tel./fax +48 (56) 654-60-91
ISO 9001
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