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Application activity

Because the needs of modern market are changing rapidly TWERD Power Electronic Company tries to meet customer requirements by constantly developing own products and introducing new solutions.

In 2010-2012, our company completed the first phase of the project: "Special inverter drive units with a wide range of applications," which resulted in development six new products:

  • The series of supply single phase frequency converters AFC200 with vector control mode.
  • Regenerative drives MFC1000
  • Inverters for Renewable Energy:
    • Solar and wind turbine inverters PZGS: up to 22kW
    • Hydro-electric power plants inverters PZGW: 22 - 355 kW
  • Inverters for gas transmision PZWG
  • The inverter for an electric vehicle FNS

All information about current production and any querries can be answered by phone, fax, E-mail or personally at Your firm or at ours. Contact information can be found on "Contact" page.

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