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"TWERD" Power Electronics Company was established in 1989. It employs selected, creative and ambitious workers open-minded for new trends in power electronics. 

Starting from DC-drives standard solutions in a short time it worked out and implement frequency converters AFC and MFC series (with one- and three-phase mains). 

Our frequency converters can compete with many products available on the market in terms of functionality and reliability. They were presented in 1999 at VIII International Mielec-town Fair and awarded as "the most innovative product of the fair".

Recently introduced new series of vectorial MFC-710 frequency converters was honored by Prof. Robert Szewalski Grand Prix at TECHNICON 2005 Fair of Science and Technology in Gdańsk

From the moment of its establishment company has been carrying on research and development work, initially independently, then together with Technical Universities from Gdańsk, Warsaw and Lviv. In cooperation with the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics (Warsaw University of Technology)  we designed vector control of frequency converter with high generated torque at low speed. Applied DTC-SVM method  (Direct Torque Control - Space Vector Modulator) provides good dynamic response of drive.

Many of our frequency converters have been installed in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Based on our technical documentation frequency converters are made by "Izhevsky Radiozawod" (Russia) and "Silekt" (Belarus).

In Poland our products work in many significant factories, mainly as PZS-type units (complex control and power units with frequency converters) or TZS-units (power and control units with DC-motor drive systems).

We invite you to watch a short film introducing the TWERD Power Electronics.

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