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Frequency converters and other power electronics devices
• Vector controlled converter:
  AFC 200 (1-phase supply)
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710 (3-phase supply)
• Regenerative converter:
  MFC 710AcR
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/500V
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/690V
• Three-level frequency
  converter: MFC 810 1140V
• Solar inverter
• Electric Vehicle Inverter
• Educational drives for
  Technical Universities
DC drives
• Thyristor based rectifiers TZP type
Drive sets and power distribution / control Units
• Drive sets TZS and PZS type
Power distribution / Control units, Power supplies
• Pulse DC Power Supply ZI type (20V / 25A)
• ZRS, TZG and TZE
• Control panels,
  potentiometers, wires
Discontinued products
• AFC 120
• AFC 150
• MFC 311
• MFC 310
Thyristor System UT type
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control_devices_TWERD Our main goal is to create reliable and possibly inexpensive series of products, which give many possibilities of drive control. These assumptions were reached mainly thanks to keeping almost whole production process in our company, which allowed to fulfill strict quality norms.

Frequency converters:
We are offering vector-controlled frequency converters dedicated to drive applications divided into groups:
  • AFC200 type with single-phase supply 230 V @ 50/60 Hz,
    power range: 0,37 kW – 3,0 kW; other voltages are also available on request
  • MFC710 type with three-phase supply 3x400V, 3x500, 3x690V @ 50/60Hz, power range: up to 800 kW at 690V,
  • MFC710AcR type - regenerative frequency converter to control induction motors. MFC710AcR allows full power flow both in motoring and generating modes. Power range: 0,75 - 500 kW,
  • MFC810 type - designed to control induction motors with a rated voltage 1000/1140V. Modular design, 3-level topology and a liquid cooling system predispose this series for installation in areas with relatively low cubature. Power range: 55 - 800 kW.

Power electronics system intended for use in renewable power stations:
Production of frequency inverters intended for use in wind, hydroelectric and solar power plants. Power range: 2 – 18 kW and higher on request.

Drive systems - TZS and PZS type:

  • TZS are drive systems, built into metal lockers equipped with one, two or three phase thyristors rectifiers (TZP type) and industrial automatic elements (contactors, relays, switches, push-buttons, protections, light signalling and programmable logic controllers),
  • PZS systems are similar to TZS systems, but  equipped with frequency converters (AFC or MFC types) for smooth control, speed and torque stabilization of AC motors, mostly asynchronous.

Power distribution / control units, electroplating and electrophoresis supplies:

  • Power distribution and control units - ZRS
  • Electroplating supplies - TZG
  • Electrophoresis supplies - TZE
  • Pulse DC power supply - ZI

Unusual applications, according to individual customer specification:
We make individual solutions adjusted to meet the needs of our customers, up to 800 kW rated power.


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