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technical description
Frequency converters and other power electronics devices
• Vector controlled converter:
  AFC 200 (1-phase supply)
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710 (3-phase supply)
• Regenerative converter:
  MFC 710AcR
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/500V
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/690V
• Three-level frequency
  converter: MFC 810 1140V
• Solar inverter
• Electric Vehicle Inverter
• Educational drives for
  Technical Universities
DC drives
• Thyristor based rectifiers TZP type
Drive sets and power distribution / control Units
• Drive sets TZS and PZS type
Power distribution / Control units, Power supplies
• Pulse DC Power Supply ZI type (20V / 25A)
• ZRS, TZG and TZE
• Control panels,
  potentiometers, wires
Discontinued products
• AFC 120
• AFC 150
• MFC 311
• MFC 310
Thyristor System UT type
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Solar inverter


 Main features:

  • Single-phase systems*)
    sensorless vector frequency converter
  • Nominal power: 2.2kW, 3.0kW and 5.5kW
  • DC voltage range: 70V ÷ 450V
  • Automatic synchronization for 230V/50Hz grid (110V/60Hz - option)
  • THDi: <4.5%
  • 2.2kW and 3.0kW systems with single string and one Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) boost converter
  • 5.5kW system with two strings and two MPPT boost converters
  • Dual DC input with two separate and independent MPPT boost converter modules within the 5.5kW inverter giving capability of utilizing two photovoltaic strings.
    This is especially useful with roof solar panels facing two directions (pitched roof with south and west side)
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Advanced built-in self test algorithm (PE insulation, device temperature, RCD)
  • Build-in communication module: RS-485 and Ethernet**)
  • Case for outdoor use: IP65
  • Upgradeable to work in small hydro-power plants 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 338x433x183 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg

    *) Three-phase systems 11kW and 18kW under development (DC voltage: 70V ÷ 900V)
    **) Bluetooth communication under development

(c) TWERD Power Electronics