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technical description
Frequency converters and other power electronics devices
• Vector controlled converter:
  AFC 200 (1-phase supply)
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710 (3-phase supply)
• Regenerative converter:
  MFC 710AcR
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/500V
• Vector controlled converter:
  MFC 710/690V
• Three-level frequency
  converter: MFC 810 1140V
• Solar inverter
• Electric Vehicle Inverter
• Educational drives for
  Technical Universities
DC drives
• Thyristor based rectifiers TZP type
Drive sets and power distribution / control Units
• Drive sets TZS and PZS type
Power distribution / Control units, Power supplies
• Pulse DC Power Supply ZI type (20V / 25A)
• ZRS, TZG and TZE
• Control panels,
  potentiometers, wires
Discontinued products
• AFC 120
• AFC 150
• MFC 311
• MFC 310
Thyristor System UT type
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  TZS and PZS type

Drive sets made as metal cases equipped with thyristor rectifiers or frequency converter and control devices (like contactors, relays, breaker switches, protections, push-buttons, switches, signal lamps and PLC's).
There are fitted to control industrial process lines, by smooth control and stabilization of rotation speed of DC/AC motors.

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