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I hereby inform, that on 1st September 2018 a company of Mr. Michał Twerd run under the name:
Zakład Energoelektroniki Twerd Michał Twerd
was contributed in kind into the company
Zakład Energoelektroniki TWERD Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company)
with share capital of 16.000.000,00 (1.000.000,00 PLN as main capital and 15.000.000,00 PLN as reserve capital).

According to this the company Zakład Energoelektroniki TWERD Sp. z o.o. will continue to carry out the business run by Mr. Michał Twerd in his previous company. All assets, employees, RnD works, patents, trademarks etc. were taken over by Twerd Sp. z o.o.
From 1st  September 2018 Twerd Sp. z o.o. is Party in all contract signed with your company as well as all orders and arrangements.

Company data:
Zakład Energoelektroniki TWERD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Aleksandrowska 28-30
87-100 Toruń

tel. +48 56 654 60 91
e-mail: twerd@twerd.pl

KRS 0000743645

The above does not affect the validity of previously concluded agreements as we as the terms of our cooperation.
Please change the company data in all your registers and records.

Justyna Bieńka


Zakład Energoelektroniki TWERD
Sp. z o.o.
We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand at
the 11th International Green Car Exhibition

on 05-07.07.2018 in Gwangju, South Korea.

This fairs brings a wide exhibition to discover the latest trends an innovations in electric vehicles (electric vehicle, hybrid car, hydrogen and fuel cell, electric bike, etc.), car parts (battery charger, converter, eco-friendly tire, drive system, electric motor, etc.), accessories (eco-friendly chemical, accessories for cars, etc.), infra & services (telematics, research institution, etc.).
FNS60c EV Inverter
developed by
TWERD Power Electronics

Download a brochure (pdf)
On the 26th of October in the Prime Minister's Office took place award ceremony for three engineers of TWEED company:
Michał Twerd, Jarosław Załęski, Krzysztof Stepień

and three scientist from Warsaw Technical University.

This team received the
First Prize of the Prime Minister for scientific and technical achievements for 2016 - honored in 2017

awarded by Prime Minister Beata Szydło.

Photos from the award ceremony:

pic1 - Prime Minister's first prize for scientific and technical achievements  pic3 - Prime Minister's first prize for scientific and technical achievements  pic2 - Prime Minister's first prize for scientific and technical achievements
TWERD Power Electronics participated at the
19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’17 ECCE Europe,
at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, September 11-14 2017.

ZE TWERD on EPE'17 in Warsaw  ZE TWERD on EPE'17 in Warsaw  ZE TWERD on EPE'17 in Warsaw  ZE TWERD on EPE'17 in Warsaw
EPE'17 logo
On Sunday, July 30th, we have been visited by the  official delegation from the Kujawsko-Pomeranian partner district in China - Hubei Province.

The delegation consisted of 10 people, including government officials responsible for the development of the Valley of Optics and the entrepreneurs.
During the visit, the delegation was able to familiarize themselves with the various activities of TWERD Power Electronics.

Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China  Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China

Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China  Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China  Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China

Goscie z Chin / Visitors from China
We invite you to visit our stand at the international fair promoting Polish brands and regions „Polish Brands EXPO 2016”.

The fair will be held on Thursday and Friday 29-30 September 2016 from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Warsaw, ul. 17th Stycznia 32, Gromada hotel.

The fair's program is available at: www.polishbrands.pl
CPE-POWERENG 2016 conference will be held in Bydgoszcz at Opera Nova’s Congress Center, at 29.06 – 01.07.2016.

On Wednesday 29th June at 10.40 am our colleague Paul Młodzikowski will perform a introduction of our company.

The visit of the new headquarters of our company and sightseeing of Torun is scheduled on Friday 1st July.

You're welcome!

TWERD logo

On 03/21/2016 we moved to the new location
(from Konwaliowa 30 Street to Aleksandrowska 28-30 Street).

New address details:

TWERD Power Electronics
Zakład Energoelektroniki TWERD
Michał Twerd
ul. Aleksandrowska 28-30
87-100 Toruń, Poland

Aleksandrowska 28, Toruń
On 7 December 2015, in Warsaw, the winners of the XVIII edition of the
Polish Product of the Future

competition were presented with awards. The competition was organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
Our company received
Honorable mention

 for one of our projects co-created with Warsaw University of Technology.

The same project received also the Special Award of the Ministry of Economy for product with the most potential to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

We would like to inform that Technical Director
Mr Jarosław Załęski

has received the
Team Award of Warsaw University of Technology

for the
special achievements crowned with the transfer of scientific and technical work for the needs of the economy.

Our company took part in the
Academic Entrepreneurship Forum
organized by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun on 9/06/2015. It was a very good opportunity to get acquainted with the current activities of the University. The presentation spoken by our colleague Paweł Młodzikowski familiarized listeners with the latest products of our company.
logo UMK
On 16-18.12.2014 our company took part in the

Energo-PromExpo 2014

in Yekaterinburg/Russia.
Thank you for visiting our stand.

logo Energo-promExpo
Energo-PromExpo 2014
On 18-20.11.2014 our company took part in the

Lublin Fair for Energetics

in Lublin/Poland.
Thank you for visiting our stand.

logo Energetics Lublin
Energetics 2014
Our company received the title of
"Leader Innovation of Pomerania and Kuyavia 2014”
in the category of Small Enterprise. This award we received for the four quadrant, three-level, 1000-1200V supplied frequency converter. This type of frequency converter can been widely used in middle voltage and high power drives, especially in mining industry.

On 29.09 - 04.10 our company took part in the

International Fair Plovdiv

in Plovdiv/Bulgaria.

Thank you for visiting our stand.

logo Plovdiv fair

On 28.08 - 02.09 our company took part in the
83rd Izmir International Fair.

During this exhibition we presented our frequency converters, and other devices used to convert energy: inverters for renewable energy sources and for electric vehicles.

Thank you for visiting our stand.


During the 15's, the International Specialist Trade Fair


taking place in Kazan (Russia) on 18-20.03.2014 our representative - the company OOO "PRIEOBRAZOWATEL" based in Kazan (Russia) - received
Diploma of III degree

in the competition
Energy-efficient equipment and technologies

Energy-saving products

for the frequency converters manufactured by ZE TWERD and control systems built using them.

The Chapter Competition organized by Polish Federation of Engineering Associations “NOT” under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Environment, decided to grant awards in the 3rd Stanisław Staszic Memorial Competition for the best innovative products

“Laurels of Innovation 2013”

for the TWERD Power Electronics Company for the project:

"The four-quadrant, three-level power converter for power of
1000 - 1200V including mining applications."

We are pleased to announce that

Manager of the Year 2012

competition in the electrical industry was given to Mr. Michał Twerd for innovation and commitment to the development of Polish products in tough competitive market.

We are pleased to inform that we have received the first prize in the 49th edition of the:

"Review of the technical achievements of Torun”.

Award was received for the:

"Series inverters for single-phase power, small-size, the vector control algorithm AFC200”

Series inverters AFC200 include powers from 0.37 kW to 3.0 kW.
The price is about 35% lower than the currently offered AFC120 series.

  • Power supply: single-phase 230 V, 45..66 Hz
  • Output voltage: 3 × 0-230V
  • Output frequency: 0-320 Hz
  • Operation mode: sensorless vector, scalar U/f (linear and square-law scalar)
  • 2 analog inputs: 0(2)..10 V and 0(4)..20 mA
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 1 analog output: 0(4)..20 mA
  • built-in RS 485



On 22-24.05.2013 we took part in the XXII Technical Seminar:

"Exploitation of Electrical Machines & Drives"

organized by KOMEL.

During the seminar, we presented a paper titled: "The inverter for an electric vehicle" in which we presented our newly developed inverter designed for use in electric vehicles.
On 17/05/2013 the Ambassador of Philippines Mrs. Patricia Ann V. Paez visited our company.
Visit of the Ambassador in Torun coincided with a visit representatives of two Philippine companies: Mr. Hipolito A. Leoncio (Bonafide Energeia Technology Philippines, Inc) and Mr. Joseph Sarach (Sinag Energy Philippines, Inc).

The talks focused on ways of obtaining renewable energy as a response to traditional methods of aggravating environment. We discussed our experience in this topic and possible ways of cooperation.

We thank our Guests for coming and time spent with us, and also Ambassador for the support and many kind words.


We invite You to familiarize yourself with our offer during AUTOMATICON 2013 - the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland. We will show our selected products on the stand of ANIRO company.

Our innovativ activity was appreciated in a competition "Creating of tomorrow" in 2 categories:
  • Creative employee for MSc. Jarosław Załęski for an innovatory project „Frequency converters MFC 710 (larger then 200 kW)”- main prize;
  • Creativity friendly employer distintion for Power Electronics Company "Twerd" Michał Twerd from Torun for creating a team of creative and innovative emplyees.

We are pleased to present you a new product of ours frequency converter named AFC150.
See more products-->AFC150
23.12.2009r. we were granted an ISO9001:2008 certificate.

28.01.2010 we've received an confirmation of GOST standard conformity.


TWERD Power Electronics
ul. Aleksandrowska 28-30, 87-100 Torun, Poland
tel. +48 (56) 654-60-91, fax +48 (56) 654-60-91 int. 117

ISO 9001
copyright 2016