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Fast EV battery chargers MFC1000/AcR AC-DC-DC


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MFC1000 / AcR AC-DC-DC inverters are designed for charging batteries.


They provide:

  • sinusoidal power consumption from the network
  • voltage regulation at the output with a given current limit: both parameters can be set using the keyboard or via the Modbus communication protocol
  • bidirectional operation - loading and unloading


Basic technical data:

  • Input voltage: 3x400V (50Hz)
  • Output voltage: 400-800V DC
  • Maximum output current:


Nominal power
Maximum output current
Dimensions(W x H x L)
22 35 256 x 615 x 266
32 50
40 65
60 100
90 150 283 x 865 x 400
120 200
200 330 460 x 920 x 345


Current overload: 110%

Degree of protection IP: 00




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