Sensorless vector frequency converter MFC 710 type

0,37 - 500 kW


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  • Three-phase supply: 3x400 V  50/60 Hz
  • Output: 0 – 400 Hz, 3 x 400 V
  • Advanced control modes: 
                   U/f (linear, sqare-law scalar), 
                   Vector mode (sensor or sensorless)
  • Removable operating panel with LCD alphanumeric display
  • Integrated Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Built-in "reeler-calculator"
  • Built-in pump or fan set controller
  • Integrated PID controller
  • Embedded communication module RS232/RS485 (Modbus)
  • Programmable fixed frequencies
  • Digital potentiometer function
  • Direct rotational (or linear) incremental encoder (5V line interface)
  • Elimination of resonance frequencies bands
  • Definable shapes and slopes of selected frequency characteristic (linear, "S"-shaped)
  • Allowable work with torque control
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters
  • Programmable control structure:
    • two customizable control variants (A & B):
    • speed selector block (control panel, analog input, PID controller, digital potentiometer, function block),
    • torque selector block (analog inputs, function block),
    • run and direction control (control panel, digital input, function block),
    • programmable digital inputs: run, direction, run blockade, external trip, trip cancellation,
    • programmable digital outputs (3 relays and 1 open collector type): ready, run, fault, warning, overtemperature of heatsink, given speed reaching, threshold speed reaching, current limit, function block),
    • programmable analog outputs: frequency, rotational speed, output current, voltage, loading of motor, function block.
  • Total work counter (hours)
  • Diagnostic and blockade system
  • Control panel protection with system of passwords
  • Embedded RFI filter (for up to 18,5 kW)
  • Memory for 4 motors parameters
  • Allowable use of default values for all parameters


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