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Photovoltaic and wind turbine inverters

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Currently, we offer:

  • inverters type PS 100PV 3kW and 5,5kW designed for cooperation with photovoltaic panels.
  • inverters type PS 100WT 1kW and 3kW designed for cooperation with wind turbines.
  • hybrid inverters type PS100H 3kW (wind-photovoltaic) designed for cooperation with photovoltaic panels and wind turbine.


inwerter fotowoltaniczny


PS100PV and PS100H inverters are also available in versions with built-in battery charger (PS100PV + BAT and PS100H + BAT).


Optional accessories:

  • PS100B wind turbine brake - used to protect the turbine from damage as a result of exceeding the critical value of the speed after the loss of load. The wind turbine brake is designed to work with the following systems:
    • PS100WT / 1kW,
    • PS100H / 3kW.
  • PS100INT / 3kW interface is an interface between local load, power grid and an inverter adapted for on/off-grid operation. The PS100INT / 3kW interface is designed for use in inverters:
    • PS100H + BAT
    • PS100PV + BAT.

In the company's headquarters at Aleksandrowska 28-30 Street in Toruń, there is a hybrid power plant with the capacity of 20. 5 kW based on converters of our construction type PS100PV/5. 5kW and PS100H/5. 5kW.


More information about the power plant.

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  • Systems adapted to work in a 1-phase 230V / 50Hz network
  • Powers: 1.0kW, 3.0kW and 5.5kW
  • DC voltage range: 70 ÷ 450V
  • Automatic synchronization with 230V / 50Hz network (optional with 110V / 60Hz)
  • THDi: <4.5%
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking system (MPPT):
    • single, support for one string of photovoltaic cells - 1.0 kW and 3.0 kW systems,
    • double, support for two strings of photovoltaic cells - 5.5kW systems
  • The double input section with two independent MPPT modules used in 5.5kW inverters, enabling the operation of two strings of photovoltaic cells, is particularly useful in roof installations with two different directions of setting solar panels (eg south and west)
  • Active protection against island work
  • Built-in self-diagnosis system: insulation status, system temperature, differential current
  • Interface: RS-485 ModBus and Ethernet
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 338x433x183 mm
  • Weight: <25 kg

Wiring diagram of PS100 WT inverter connection to the generator and power grid.




pdf Manual


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